Prague Conference on Political Economy

New Perspectives in Austrian Economics and Political Economy of Freedom

Frantisek Cuhel Memorial Lecture 2006: Jesus Huerta de Soto

Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture 2006: Robert Higgs

Special Event: Johan Norberg - Globalization

All three lectures available as videos.

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For those who did not participate in last year's conference and did not even get a chance to catch a glimpse of the event we prepared a short Promo movie, which is available in low and high quality. Also you can view our 2005 Memorial Lectures or listen to almost all other lectures delivered by the speakers in the last year's conference.

Prague Conference on Political Economy is an international and interdisciplinary gathering of scholars and supporters of the Austrian School of Economics and political economy of freedom.

During three days of the conference, participants will have an opportunity to participate in lectures and debates focusing on economics, history, philosophy and other humanities, and to discuss these issues with leading theorists in the field, both from Europe and overseas.

This conference is an attempt to resurrect the tradition of Austrian economics- and liberty-oriented thinking that thrived in central Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, but sadly disappeared thereafter. By establishing an annual forum for scholars and students to meet and exchange ideas it is hoped to build a solid institutional basis for the advancement of the Austrian research program.

The Conference is taking place in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. All lectures and proceedings are held at the University of Economics in Prague and at the Liberální institut.

As the organizers, we believe that this year's conference will bring many improvements and will keep up the good spirit of last year's event. We will do our best to succeed in this challenging task. As a matter of fact, the first improvement that we have already managed to accomplish is that the venue for this year's conference will be VSE's brand-new modern building, symbolically known as the "Paradise Building." We hope your participation will make the conference an even greater success! There are few places better suited for advancing Austrian economics than Prague. We hope you will join us once again!

doc. Josef Sima, Ph.D., Chairman of Economic Policy Department, Editorial Director at the Liberální Institut, president of PCPE (josef.sima (at) libinst.cz)

Jozef Zdechovan, director of PCPE (jozef.zdechovan (at) libinst.cz)

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