PCPE 2010

Prague Conference on Political Economy

New Perspectives in Austrian Economics and Political Economy of Freedom
March 19-21, 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS! (Submission details)

The submission has been extended to February 28.

Conference papers are to be submitted to Pavel Ryska (pcpe.director (at) gmail.com).

Memorial Lectures

The highlights of the PCPE are named lectures commemorating the heritage of two towering statures of economic science whose lives are bound with the city of Prague: Franz Cuhel and Friedrich Wieser. These lectures are associated with memorial prizes of the same name.

G R Steele The Cuhel Memorial Lecture will be delivered by G. R. Steele. G. R. Steele is reader in economics at the University of Lancaster and focuses on the economics and political philosophy of F.A. Hayek. He has published extensively on Hayek's theory of money, capital and business cycles, and on Hayek's comparison with his 1930s opponent J.M. Keynes. Richard Epstein The Wieser Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Richard Epstein. R. Epstein is the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School. His research covers a broad range of subjects within law and law and economics. To name a few, Prof. Epstein has published numerous and influential studies on constitutional law, employment discrimination law, health law, patents and property law. He is known for classical liberal views in legal theory.

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For those who have not participated in the conference yet and have not even had a chance to catch a glimpse of the event, we have prepared a short promo movie, which is available here. You can also view all our Memorial Lectures.

The Prague Conference on Political Economy is an international and interdisciplinary gathering of scholars and supporters (not only) of the Austrian School of Economics and political economy of freedom.

During two days of the conference, participants will have an opportunity to participate in lectures and debates focusing on economics, history, philosophy and other humanities, and to discuss these issues with leading theorists in the field, both from Europe and overseas.

This conference is an attempt to resurrect the tradition of Austrian economics- and liberty-oriented thinking that thrived in central Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, but sadly disappeared thereafter. By establishing an annual forum for scholars and students to meet and exchange ideas we hope to build a solid institutional basis for the advancement of the Austrian research program.

The Conference takes place in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. In 2010 all lectures and proceedings will be held in the quaint and newly reconstructed building of the CEVRO Institute College in the heart of Prague.

As organizers of the event, we believe that the 2010 conference will keep up the good spirit of previous years. We will do our best to succeed in making the 2010 conference at least as stimulating and useful as the past ones. We also believe that your participation will make the conference an even greater success. There are few places better suited for advancing Austrian economics than Prague. We hope you will join us!

prof. Josef Sima, Ph.D., president of the CEVRO Institute College, Editorial Director at the Liberální Institut, president of PCPE (josef.sima (at) libinst.cz)

Pavel Ryska, director of PCPE (pcpe.director (at) gmail.com)

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