PCPE 2010 Preliminary Schedule

Memorial Lectures

The highlights of the PCPE are named lectures commemorating the heritage of two towering statures of economic science whose lives are bound with the city of Prague: Franz Cuhel and Friedrich Wieser. These lectures are associated with memorial prizes of the same name.

G R Steele The Cuhel Memorial Lecture will be delivered by G. R. Steele. G. R. Steele is reader in economics at the University of Lancaster and focuses on the economics and political philosophy of F.A. Hayek. He has published extensively on Hayek's theory of money, capital and business cycles, and on Hayek's comparison with his 1930s opponent J.M. Keynes. Richard Epstein The Wieser Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Richard Epstein. R. Epstein is the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School. His research covers a broad range of subjects within law and law and economics. To name a few, Prof. Epstein has published numerous and influential studies on constitutional law, employment discrimination law, health law, patents and property law. He is known for classical liberal views in legal theory.

Friday, March 19 - Program held at CEVRO Institute College (sessions open to public) - see address and map.

2 - 3 pm Registration
3 - 3:30 pm Welcome Toast
3:30 - 3:45 pm Opening of the Conference by Josef Šíma
3:45 - 4:30 pm Cuhel Memorial Lecture, delivered by G.R. Steele
4:30 - 4:45 pm Refreshment Break
4:45 - 5 pm Hayek's Czech Roots by M. Zajíček
5 - 5:45 pm Wieser Memorial Lecture, delivered by R. Epstein
5:45 - 6 pm Final Remarks
6 - 7 pm Break
7 - 10 pm Welcome Dinner

Saturday, March 20 - Program held at CEVRO Institute College (sessions only for conference participants)

9 - 11 am Government and Bureaucracy I
Case Studies of National Economies and Economic Thought I
11 - 11:30 am Refreshment Break
11:30 am - 1:30 pm Topics in Austrian Economics
Development Economics
Impact of Recent Government Policies
3 - 5 pm Ronald Coase and Law & Economics
Case Studies of National Economies and Economic Thought II
Economics of Donations and Financial Aid
5 - 5:30 pm Refreshment Break
5:30 - 7:30 pm Government and Bureaucracy II
Business Cycle and the 2008-09 Recession
Topics in Economic Theory

Sunday, March 21 - Tour of the historical center of Prague (optional) - see details.

PCPE 2010, Sessions on Saturday, March 20

The program is preliminary and may be subject to change.


1. Topics in Austrian Economics

Chair: Josef Šíma

Roderick T. Long (Auburn University) - Platonic Pitfalls for Austro-Libertarians

Discussant: Marek Hudík

Adam Knott (Independent) - Ludwig von Mises and the Rational Basis for a Science of Ethical Actions

Discussant: David Lipka

Marek Hudík (University of Economics, Prague) - Is There a Specific Austrian Demand Theory?

Discussant: Jan Havel

2. Panarchy

Chair: David Lipka

Aviezer Tucker (CEVRO Institute Prague) - The Best States

Discussant: Pavel Kuchař

Adam Knott (Independent) - The Practice of Panarchism

Discussant: Aviezer Tucker

3. Government and Bureaucracy I

Chair: Martin Ždímal

Pavel Pelikán (University of Economics, Prague) - The Government Economic Agenda in a Society of Unequally Rational Individuals

Discussant: Martin Ždímal

Adriano Gianturco Gulisano (University of Genoa) - Blanked votes, invalid ballot papers and abstentionism. Descriptive theory and suggestions for reform

Discussant: Martin Froněk

4. Government and Bureaucracy II

Chair: Martin Ždímal

Michael Dorsch (The American University of Paris) - Bailouts for Sale

Discussant: Maja Adena

Laurent Carnis (French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research) - Political Perspectives on Bureaucracy

Discussant: Pavel Chalupníček (written assessment)

Philipp Schuster (University of Bremen) - New Public Management Reform in European Countries - Has it Lived up to Its Promises - Empirical Evidence from the Telecommunication Sector

Discussant: Michael Dorsch

5. Development Economics

Chair: Michal Janda

Pavel Kuchař (University of Economics, Prague) - Enforcing Capital Protection in Developing Countries

Discussant: Vladimír Halas (written assessment)

Girish Kumar (European University Institute, Florence) - WTO, Global Governance and Developing Countries: The Indian Experience

6. Economics of Donations and Financial Aid

Chair: Jiří Schwarz Jr.

Maja Adena (Free University, Berlin) - Nonprofit Organizations, Media and Donor's Trust

Discussant: Pavel Chalupníček

Irene Vlachaki (Athens University of Economics and Business) - Misused Financial Aid, Political Aid, and Regime Survival - Theory and Evidence from 70 Aid Recipients

Discussant: Maja Adena

7. Business Cycle and the 2008-09 Recession

Chair: Daniel Šťastný

François Facchini (Univ. of Reims, Univ. of Paris 1) - French Finance Act in 2010 and GDP Growth

Discussant: Aleš Tůma

Francesco Manaresi (University of Bologna) - Consumption Smoothing and the 2008 Recession - Clean Evidence of Time Inconsistency

Discussant: Václav Rybáček

Patrick Leoni (Euromed Management, France) - Psychological Determinants of Occurrence and Magnitude of Market Crashes

Discussant: Irene Vlachaki

8. Impact of Recent Government Policies

Chair: Aleš Rod

Josef Mládek (University of Economics, Prague) - Too-big-to-fail as a Research Agenda

Discussant: Tomáš Otáhal

Tomáš Otáhal (Newton College and Mendel Univ., Brno) - Corruption in the Czech and Slovak Republics - Did the EU Pressure Improve Legal Enforcement?

Discussant: Aleš Rod

Bel G. Raggad (Pace University, New York), Manal Mastouri (University of Tunis) - The Politics of Sarbanes-Oxley Act and IT Compliance

Discussant: Lukáš Dvořák

9. Ronald Coase and Law & Economics

Chair: Josef Šíma

Miroslav Zajíček (University of Economics, Prague) - Coase and Hayek

Richard Epstein (University of Chicago)

10. Topics in Economic Theory

Chair: Jan Havel

Pavel Chalupníček (University of Economics, Prague) - No One Can Serve Two Masters - Is There a Conflict of Economics and Christianity in the Minds of Young Christian Economists?

Discussant: Pavel Pelikán

Jiří Schwarz Jr. (Charles University, Prague) - Impact of Institutions on Cross-Border Price Dispersion

Discussant: Pavel Chalupníček

11. Case Studies of National Economies and Economic Thought I

Chair: Josef Mládek

Jane Bogoev (Staffordshire University) - Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Pass-through Adjustment of Lending Rates in Macedonia - an SUR Approach

Discussant: Marek Micuch

Oksana Pashchenko (Donetsk National Technical Univ.) - History of Political Economy in Ukraine

Discussant: Jane Bogoev

Ilze Stokmane (Latvia University of Agriculture) - Regional Policy in the Baltic States

Discussant: Marek Jemala

Marek Jemala (University of Economics, Bratislava) - Summarized Czech and Irish Foresight Specifics as Positive Analogy for Slovak Economy

Discussant: Tereza Dudáková

12. Case Studies of National Economies and Economic Thought II

Chair: Marek Micuch

Alba Allmuça (Kristal University, Tirana) - Trade Regional Integration Arrangements

Discussant: Josef Mládek (written assessment)

Mehmet Ufuk Tutan (Izmir University of Economics, Turkey) - Capital Inflows in Turkey's Economy

Discussant: Vladimír Halas (written assessment)

Madzli bin Harun (University of Malaysia, Terengganu, University of Antwerp) - The Capacity of Principal-Agent Theory on Trade Policy Implementation Process in the Case of Developing Eight Organisation of Economic Cooperation amongst Muslim Member States (D-8)

Discussant: Alba Allmuça

Osman Yildirim, Durmus Dundar (Instanbul Kultur University) - Awareness Research about the Regional Development Agencies - Evidence from Turkey

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